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Sarah E. BuckleyWhen the Lord Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window

Holy Cross College


Holy Cross College Mission Statement

Holy Cross College is a Catholic community of higher education that forms competent minds and courageous hearts for leading purposeful lives. The college advances the apostolic mission of the Brothers of Holy Cross through a practical, experiential, liberal arts curriculum that applies timeless principles to contemporary life in the world.

HCC Millenium Arch

HCC Millenium Arch


Hello, and welcome to my eFolio. My name is Sarah Buckley and I am currently finishing my Bachelors of Arts in Business at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN. The following eFolio is designed to offer a glimpse into my tenure at Holy Cross College, and exemplify the many ways that my time here has shaped me into the person I am today.

I was raised in Glen Ellyn, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. I graduated from Glenbard South High School. After graduation from a public high school, I knew that I wanted to further my education in a different type of environment. After looking at schools both big and small, I decided that Holy Cross would be the ideal place for me to continue my educational journey. I was attracted to the four pillars that Holy Cross College offers: The Service Learning Experience, The Professional Internship, The Global Experience and The Capstone Presentation. This was something unlike any programs I had seen at other colleges. Since coming to Holy Cross, I gained a holistic education through the pillar experiences.

"When the Lord Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window"

Throughout college, this quote has been a common theme in my day-to-day life and seemed like an obvious theme to carry through my Capstone presentation. I, like many, have overcome obstacles of all kinds in order to graduate college. My college career did not go nearly as smoothly as I had originally planned. Through all of the bumps in the road, I remembered that God has a plan and sometimes you just have to look for it. Things may not work out the way we intend them to, but they will always work out the way they are really supposed to. This inspiring quote, along with the love and never-ending support of my friends, family, and a few other key motivators, kept me pushing on throughout my collegiate adventure.

I look forward to sharing more about me and my experiences with Holy Cross College through this eFolio. Please navigate through the links on the top of the screen to see more.

Thank you and enjoy!

Sarah Buckley
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